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The title of Kasey Lansdale’s new release says it all. This stunning product of the great state of Texas has a musical spirit that seems to be all over the place, and she seems to excel at anywhere she goes stylistically. With industry veterans such as Michael Clute and John Carter Cash steering the wheel as producers, she is given free rein to create, and soars like a butterfly into the stratosphere in the process.

As a vocalist, she walks the line between traditional and contemporary sounds throughout, with the passion oozing out of tracks such as “Blame You For Trying” and “Just Another Day” being a great example of the former, while “Better Now” and “Why Can’t I” both have that mainstream bounce that should get her some strong consideration for airplay.

She also showcases her R&B-influenced sound on a few cuts as well. “Don’t Let That Stop You” might very well be the keeper of the disc, as she knocks out some notes that will leave you wondering ‘How did she do that?’ But, don’t try it at home, children. Leave it to the professionals, and Lansdale is definitely such an artist.

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